1. Married to Al Santos for 42 years


  1. Jared:  Graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2000; is active duty Air Force.  Is an F35 pilot currently stationed in Florida.  Jared & Amanda married in Dec of 2001, and have 3 children: Alyssa, Jacob, and Addelyn.

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  3. Jeremy:  Graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2004; is a B52 pilot with the US Air Force Reserves, and has been a Delta co-pilot for one year now.  He married Courtney and they have 7-month old Henry.

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  5. Jessica:  Is married to Justin (who is also active duty Air Force). They are currently in Oklahoma City, but will move to Dover, DE this summer.


Current Employer:   

  1. I am happily retired from being an Executive Assistant most of my career.  I’m an active Community Volunteer, an elected Special Zoning District Commissioner, and serve on the Board of the Lincoln County Community Foundation.

Life Events:

You might get a kick out of all the cities/states/countries in which we’ve lived ~

  1. While Al was in the Army:

  2. Ft Hood, TX - 5 years (Jared was born)

  3. Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX - 1 yr

  4. Tripler Army Hospital (Red Hill & Mililani) HI - 4 years (Jeremy & Jessica were born)

  5. Ft Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX - 1 yr

  6. Ft Belvoir (Alexandria & Lake Ridge), VA - 4 yrs

  7. Ft Sill, OK - 3 yrs

  8. Seoul, Korea - 3 yrs

  9. Ft Huachuca, AZ - 3 yrs

  1. After Al retired from the Army, it was on to:

  2. Huntsville, AL - 3 yrs

  3. Al lived in Baton Rouge for 1 yr while Jeremy & Jes finished High School

  4. Al moved to Dayton, OH - 1 yr, then I joined him for the second year

  5. Jacksonville, FL - 7 yrs

Current City:   Alto (& Ruidoso), NM - 7 yrs (so far) - the longest I’ve lived anywhere EVER!!!!)